Boston Minstrels

Volunteer Code of Conduct

These are rules that are established to keep residents, guests, and Minstrels safe during volunteer time at the facilities we visit.

  • Minstrels will respect the privacy of guests/residents. ┬áThere will be no discussion of personal, health and social issues (religion, politics, etc.) with residents or fellow Minstrels in attendance at the facility.
  • Minstrels will not solicit information from guests/residents, take photos or use personal conversations for research papers or other publications unless authorized by the Minstrel organization.
  • The Boston Minstrels are not responsible for any loss or injury to any Minstrel volunteers that might occur during our times as volunteers at these facilities.
  • Minstrels will not bring minor children or pets to the facilities without prior consent from Tim or Jane McHale.
  • Minstrels will not provide or accept or solicit services or favors from guests/residents.
  • Minstrels will not exchange personal information like phone numbers or addresses with guests/residents.
  • Minstrels will not transport residents or guests to or from gigs without prior consent from Tim or Jane McHale.
  • Minstrels will remain in the performance area.
  • Physical contact should be limited to handshakes.
  • Minstrels will not attend a gig when sick.
  • Minstrels will not attend if they have recently consumed drugs or alcohol.
  • Minstrels will not use vulgar or inappropriate language.