Boston Minstrels

Minstrels Impact

Higher love

An appearance by The Boston Minstrels can alleviate the agitation, hopelessness and sadness experienced by those who dwell in difficult conditions. A Minstrel Songfest brings individuals together to feel happy, connected, and included, thus giving rise to a sense of having worth in the world, of being loved.

Who we Serve

  • Over 40 different homeless shelters and venues in the Greater Boston area
  • 2,600 residents in homeless shelters annually
  • Incarcerated persons
  • Residents of nursing facilities and hospitals

Minstrels senior citizen show at Harvard Education Portal in Allston, MA, Wednesday, April 27, 2016. (Photo/Stew Milne)

A lot has gone on and hopeless is how I felt and I almost defected.  Now [I’m] better and blessed that people take time out of their day to help remind us it is all worth it.

– Dawn, CASPAR, 5/27/16

I was a little bit sad about the death of a friend and the Boston Minstrels helped me get over that and made me smile.

– Joe, CASPAR, 5/27/16

I heard loud singing and guitars playing.  I thought it was the radio turned up really loud.  They were cheerful, encouraging songs.  I came to see 21 people singing with 2 guys playing guitar.  I sat down and started to sing along.  This group lifted my spirits and I was so happy they came today.

– Sherri, CASPAR, 5/27/16

Tonight was great.  We unite together…I feel good.  The hot music takes me far away especially to my family.  We shared love and respect and I feel strong again.

– Hassan, Shattuck Shelter, 7/19/14

The Minstrels were united and they brought everybody [who’s] homeless in the shelter united.  They proved what togetherness means! Everyone felt their meaning.  Hope we all see them again.  Thank you.

– Anonymous, Shattuck Shelter, 7/19/14

Happy together

I think the songfest made me feel a need to belong in life and its memories.  The songfest brings back the old time of laughter and tears and even special moments to share.  I thank you for this special touch in my life of suffering.

– Michael, Shattuck Shelter, 7/19/14