Boston Minstrels

Minstrels Program

The Songfest is our signature musical event.  A rotating roster of volunteer singers and instrumentalists appear at a shelter, prison, hospital or other space to share songs from The Boston Minstrels Songbook with the community.  Attendees are invited to sing, encouraged to dance, and allowed to have fun. Members of The Boston Minstrels rehearse selections from the Songbook monthly. A schedule of Songfests is maintained on the website.

Change is gonna come

The Workshops   is a more intimate form of participatory singing.  Gathered in a smaller setting on site, 10-15 residents and a handful of Minstrels embark on a two hour journey of recollecting our musical history, singing favorite tunes, improvising, and playing instruments.  We awaken talent, associate music with personal growth, and provide enjoyment in spite of hard circumstances

Music for Everybody is an effort to bring the Boston music community into the shelters.  Bands, duos, and solo artists are invited into these venues to provide their style of music. The gift of music is a hallmark of the Minstrel mission and all forms of musical expression is encouraged.